Thursday, October 18, 2012


Is it possible to get that same feeling of living in an old house that is actually a newly built house?  I don't know.  You can make it look like a vintage cottage but it won't have those quirky charms of an old house.  Will the floor slant so slightly?  Will the hardwood floors creak?  Will the glass windows have a slight wave to them?  Can you really get the feeling of an old house with a new build?  My husband the practical one seems to think so. He believes that since it's newly built.... you won't have any repairs for a long while.   It's a valid point.  What would you rather have.... an old renovated house or a new build?

We did put an offer on the vacant land?  We're waiting to hear back.  I'm still uncertain though.  Hmmm. 

Here's an exterior pic of a newly built cottage.  Not  bad!

Here is an old house that was renovated.

Not bad either.

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