Monday, October 22, 2012

I had to get more creative

I'll move forward a bit.   The last two properties we put offers on that weren't accepted took place over the summer.  After we were out bid on the second offer which was the land.... I had to get more creative in our search.  As I mentioned in a previous post.... there was nothing else on the market that was in our price range.  So I went on the Internet and searched for properties that had been up for sale within the last year and were pulled off.  I found a few.  Finding the owners of the homes was the hard part.  We happened to be in Pinehurst last month and I went to the address of one of the homes that I found on the Internet.  It was empty.  What did this mean?  I looked in the mail box and it was filled with mail.  What did it mean for a house to be unoccupied but the mailbox was full of mail?  My husband and I decided to leave a note in it.  In the note we asked.... if they were interested in selling the house and please give us a call if they were?  Below is a picture of the cottage.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How interesting! You are on a quest...and I like your blog! Thanks for visiting me, too!

Anonymous said...

What happend to your beautiful havapoo you were getting? We didn't see him grown, can you post a new image of him. We were looking for a havapoo and came across your blog, with all your great posts
Good luck with your cozy cottage