Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A lot has been going on at Pinehurst Cottage since I posted last.
The cracks on the walls were to be spackled and then the walls were to be painted.  As you would know it....the spackle didn't adhere to the walls.  The plaster walls will be removed and replaced with drywall.
The house is totally gutted and it's hard to imagine that it will ever look any other way. 

Below are pictures of exterior work.  The back exterior wall has been demolished to make room for the addition.  This part of the addition will consist of enlarging the kitchen, adding an eating area which will give way to the family room.

Below is a  pic of the footers after being poured with cement.

So many decisions have been made and so many more to make.

The contractor was on us to replace all of the windows.   After much thought, we've decided to replace all of the windows but keep the original casement windows that are in the front of the house.  We can't part with their wavy glass panes.  The windows that we are replacing are double hung and they're pretty shot.  I hope we don't regret our decision but for now they'll be staying.



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Jen Kershner said...

So much work and so many decisions! I know it's a long road but it will be so worth it and when it is done you will forget all of this. Eventually! I love watching the process. Thanks for sharing it.