Monday, March 18, 2013


All of the plaster walls have come down since the last post.  Apparently, the spackling that was put on the walls wasn't adhering.  So the plaster walls had to come down and we'll start from new.  None the less, it's good to see the original framing of the walls, the condition of the old wiring, and possible termite damage.
When we pulled up to the house,  we were stunned to see a cottage that was taking shape.  It was soooo exciting!  Below is a pic of the front view.  Not to different from this vantage point.
From the front side, you can start to notice some change.
Even more change looking at the whole side.
Major transformation going on here.  The room with the cathedral ceiling is the family room.  The big window to the left of the family room is where the eating area will be.
It's exciting to see the overhang being replicated.  The overhang is one of the features that I love about this old cottage.  You can see our contractor.  His name is Russ from Cribbs Construction.

Russ tells us that next week our doors and windows should be installed.

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