Saturday, June 1, 2013

Interior Pictures...Before and After

It's hard to believe that this little cottage has doubled in size in a short amount of time.   It's been completely gutted and is now a new and improved cottage that hasn't lost it's character.  She's gone through a major transformation within the last 6 months. 
Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Kitchen before

 Original hallway that opened up to one of the new additions.
New addition Hallway
New screened in porch.
Key less lock.  This way we can give visitors and renters a code to get into the cottage.  We can program it via computer from where ever we may be.

Laundry Room
  This is a part of the addition and we used an original door and hung it in this space.  We feel it's way to big and we'll have to take it down and replace it with some kind of bi doors.
Entering into the family room

The Library before.

The library now.
Original bathroom before. 
The original bathroom now after renovation.

Original bedroom

New bathroom that's part of the addition and now is part of the above bedroom.

2nd original bedroom

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