Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Beginning

On our way down to Georgia this summer...we stopped for lunch and stumbled upon a charming southern sultry town in North Carolina called Southern Pines.  The scent of pine was lovely which held true to its name.  The downtown was lined with boutique style shops, coffee houses and restaurants.  A smartly dressed man wearing a straw hat, bow tie, a cream colored linen suit and spats tipped his hat to greet us.  Separating one side of the street from the other was an old renovated train depot.  Charming old houses with ferns hanging from their front porches were abundant.  I picked the perfect gardenia from a bush and the scent of it made me think of my mom.  Memories of her came flooding back.  It used to be her favorite flower.  Apparently....this region is horse country too but is world famous for golf.  Within a 10 minute drive is Pinehurst.  It's home to Pinehurst No.2 the famed golf course.  I enjoyed my first fried green tomato sandwich for lunch that afternoon in Southern Pines.  We hopped back into the car reluctantly because we didn't want to leave our new found gem in the South.  After all we had a schedule to keep.  Leaving Southern Pines we noticed a sign to Pinehurst.... 5 miles.  We decided to postpone our travels for a few more minutes to visit the villiage of Pinehurst.  This is where my blog begins.  

Southern Pines

Pinehurst Business District



Jen Kershner said...

You have stumbled onto one of my favorite places in the world. My husband lived in Pinehurst and went to school in Southern Pines. Up until last year we visited there a couple of times a year to see family who have sadly all moved away now. I miss it desperately.

I used to long for a place to live that was like Southern Pines but with more of a change of seasons and that is just what I found buy Southern Pines/Pinehurst will always be my first love!

Congratulations to you! I hope your cottage dream comes true!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place,

we found your blog while looking at havapoos, your pup is adorable. can you post a new picture of him.

we have always had poodles and then we saw your havapoo and wondered what he looks like and how much he weighs now?

enjoy your cottage, looks very peaceful.