Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Official Elevations

The new elevations for the cottage just arrived.  The exterior is starting to come together.  In the last post.... I showed you an unofficial elevation of the cottage with the main entrance redesigned.  We decided to forgo that design.  We felt we lost room to place chairs on the porch by having the railings added.  We really have limited options of what we can do with the front porch.  The town's historical committee has many rules and regulations.  Our hands are tied because of set backs.  We'll rebuild the peak over the porch because it's in despair.  It'll look exactly the same.   I'll add a trellis (like below) over the windows to the left and right of the main front door.  I'm hoping by doing this it'll pronounce the front entrance.  I'll show you the paint colors that we've picked out for Pinehurst Cottage in the next post.   


Click on the picture to enlarge.

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