Monday, December 10, 2012

The Exterior Is Taking Shape

Things are moving along pretty quickly here at Pinehurst Cottage.  The inside floor plans are finished and we just received the exterior elevations.  Pinehurst Cottage is starting to take shape.  We decided not to add the master suite at this point.  We'll add that down the road after we've retired and moved in it for good.  I think we'll keep the existing exterior paint colors but I would like to paint the exterior doors a contrasting color.  Now that we have the floor plans and exterior elevations, everything is almost ready to be presented to Pinehurst's Historical Board.  It's busy here at Pinehurst Cottage! 

New front entrance.
Front elevation.

 Front and side elevation.

The outlined portion is the original cottage.  The new hallway to the right will be where you enter into the proposed master suite (see below).
Floor plan with master suite. 

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Elizabethd said...

It's going to be wonderful!
I'd be tempted to paint the doors either a deep fir-green or maybe a cranberry colour. Both would stand out, but still have the charm of the traditional colours.