Sunday, April 14, 2013


I never anticipated when we bought this little cottage that the whole thing was going to be gutted.  Now that the drywall is going makes me happy to know that we have all new electric, plumbing insulation, walls and ceilings.  It'll be a house that we won't have to keep repairing in our retirement years.  Some times you don't see the benefit of something until some time later.  I was a bit concerned that our little cottage wasn't going to be 'original' but now I'm quite happy.
Below are a few pics of the new drywall.  The open feeling that the gutted walls provided is changing.  It's starting to feel like a house again. 
Looking from the eating area into the family room
Looking at the opposite end of the family room.
Looking down the hall into the new addition.  To the left of the archway will be built in cabinets.  From this hallway you'll have access to two bedrooms, kitchen, library and to the new addition.
Bedroom 1
Dining Area
Looking into the dining area and family room from the kitchen.
In the library.. 
the windows with its wavy glass, fireplace and hardwoods are all original to the house.  We replaced the front door.
Looking into the kitchen from the eating area.
In bedroom 2 looking into its new bathroom.
The windows are all original to the house minus the small square one (under this window I'll place a high boy dresser).  The hardwood floors and doors are original also.
Entrance to Bedroom 2.  We've kept all the original doors. 



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Wow! Just catching up with things at Pinehurst Cottage. AMAZING!