Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finishing Putting Up The Shingles

The cedar shingles are almost finished being put up.
The really dark shingles between the two small windows are the original shingles from when the cottage was first built.  They just reversed them and we'll be painting them over.  Of course...we had to purchase new shingles because the cottage doubled in size when the addition was built.  Aren't they doing a great job in mimicking the original style of the cottage?
Below is a pic of the cottage taken many, many years ago.  You can see the same shingles.  Can you believe our contractor removed each one and reused most of them?  It really is amazing to me how hardy cedar shingles are.


Diane Mars said...

Wow the Cottage is really coming along, I bet you can't wait to play inside! Hugs, Diane

Elizabethd said...

Shingles are something that we never see in England, which is sad as they look so attractive.